Monday, January 11, 2021

Course Calendar Tool

This Excel file is a course calendar tool. Just enter the starting date of the semester and all the other dates will be automagically calculated! It speeds up the development of course calendars. 


Download the tool

Instructions / tips for using the weekly calendar:

  1. The year, month, and day in the upper right corner are the anchor points for all calculated dates. Start by entering this information.
    1. The day field should start on a Monday. 
    2. Default: The week calculations have Mondays for the start of the week. 
    3. Default: The due calculations assume that all assignments are due on Sundays. 
  2. The day offset values increase each week by seven days.
    1. The offset values can be customized. For example, use 14 day intervals for every two weeks. 
    2. For holiday weeks, it is easier to simply enter "spring break" (or whatever) compared to eliminating a week and fiddling with the day offset values.  
  3. The due date formula for Sundays is +6 from Monday (the start of the week).
    1. The due date can be adjusted. For example, Friday due dates could be set by using +4 rather than +6. 
  4. Enter the weekly topics and other special date information.
  5. Create a finished calendar for students by selecting the important cells and printing the selection to a .pdf file.  

Good luck with your courses!

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